Technical Rider

  1. Music
    Signal input: Chinch or jack plug (3,5mm) close to the floor
    Power: powerplug for laptop close to the floor
    PA-System:minimum 400W, Subwoofer + 2 * Mid/High Speakers
  2. Floor
    Minimum space: 2,5*2,5 m² / per person
    Material : Wood. No carpet or stone.
    Condition: cleaned, dry, even, smooth, horizontal
  3. Time
    Minimum time: 1,5 Hours
  4. Light
    Ambient light
  5. Participants
    Clothing: Sportswear, no shoes, no jewellery, no glasses, no accessories


  • Water in glas bottles
  • Food: Breakfast: Cereals, Lunch: Fruit Salad (no watermelon), Dinner: cooked vegetables (organic)
  • Preferably: Hotelroom, Guestroom.
  • Parkingplace (if travel by car)