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Frank Lee Doelllinger Portrait


Frank Lee Döllinger Tanzt auf Beton

Short Description Workshop

Frank Lee will connect you with your innate movement intelligence and show you how to dance with it. He will guide you into a state of consciousness that is one of the most powerful human experiences. You will see why it is said that dance is not an activity, but something that happens to you. The training will positively change your relationship with your body forever. Everyone interprets the exercises in their own way and is guided by their own limitations. You will need concentration and courage for this training.

About Frank Lee

As a child, Frank Lee took his first steps in breakdancing. Early on, he sensed a difference between a movement that carried passion and one that was “empty”. The question of what constituted this distinction unexpectedly led him into the depths of consciousness and his relationship to the body. For more than twenty years now, this has been the guiding question of his ongoing odyssey. In his contrasting life he succeeds time and again in the balancing act between artistic avant-garde and therapeutic work. Frank Lee is part of international artistic collaborations and one of the few who can teach dance from the perspective of an artist as well as that of a therapist.