Dancing the Element Fire

Fascination of the inner fire

For us „modern“ people, especially the women of this time, it is about regaining the authentic, natural wilderness and freedom. But being authentic is a condition that has to be defended again and again. Freedom also has to be fought for over and over again. Those who live their inner fire are perceived by other people as sexually attractive. It seems as if on the one hand the inner fire activates another person’s inner fire, but it will probably also be the desire for adventure, which is why people with fire are attractive. Those who burn are perceived by others as „intense“ and that often adds the lack of spice to the mundane everyday life.

Downsides of rage and anger

We have a split relationship with the inner fire. On the one hand, it’s extremely attractive. But then the fascination quickly turns into a ride in hell. Because you can burn yourself on the fire if you are not careful with it. Lies, cowardice, and ignorance are such carelessness. We all know the feeling of anger building in one when another is purposely deaf. In partnerships, there are many areas where such interactions become active. Mostly where another is too cowardly to recognize himself.

The image of a women

Women had a particularly difficult time with it. Even if aggression, anger and aggression are frowned upon by society, men have a small tolerance range to live out these emotions in contrast to women, for whom this is completely forbidden. Men can be free and wild, women have to beave well.

Those who cannot be themselves kill themselves. When anger and aggression are not allowed to be expressed, they are directed against themselves: depression, scratching arms, addiction. The libido dies. The vagina becomes the enemy. A living woman becomes a witch. And so on.

The trend women circles

And then time goes by and one forgets how to deal with anger properly. Then women go out and attend women’s workshops and seminars, they therapy each other in order to reawaken something that they have lost.

What does it mean to be wild?

We always think: being wild means doing anything you want. That’s not true. Wild herbs, wild animals, wilderness … Living wild means nothing else than being in harmony with nature. In harmony with one’s own human nature.

Exercise: getting free

First free your body: dancing chaotically, breaking conventions, breaking taboos, dancing ugly, dancing grotesquely, dancing really badly, off-balance, uncontrolled, exerting yourself, staggering, shaking your head, monotony, expressing forbidden emotions : Grief, lust, anger, anger, waking up the beast, close the eyes, „walk“ alone.

How do I get in there?

  • In general: activate devotion. Exhale and let go and let go. Play with off-balance. Lose your stance. Out of whack. Surrender control. When dancing as a couple: take the hand, lead each other through the room. One has closed his eyes and lets himself be led.
  • Activate courage. Courage to dedicate. Courage to jump into the unknown (unknown feelings). Don’t be afraid of the beast inside.
  • Activate pelvic awareness. Pelvis seat of sexuality, emotion, primordial emotion (primordial trust), the oldest part of the body in evolution, pubic area (pubic bone, pubic hair, etc.), shadow area/taboo place (gender), Source of joie de vivre / libido. Move your pelvis. Overcome shame. Mobilize the spine. The hip initiates every movement!
  • Activate voice. Moan. Breathe out calmly: „Hmmmmm“ with sound. Screaming is also taboo. Break taboo. Scream.
  • Trigger anger. Thinking about something that makes you angry or angry.
  • Activate sexuality. Circling the hips.
  • Fire breathing. Prana. Breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale vigorously. Breathe oxygen to breathe the fire within.
  • Growl. Predator. Grrrrr .. Pull your upper lip upwards. Show fangs.
  • Grimaces. Cut grimaces.
  • Whipping movements
  • Shaking, shaking, shaking the head, eruptions, interruptions
  • Fire music. Metal, grindcore, aggro rap

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