To dance well we have to unlearn wrong ideas

Music Credit: Zeca Veloso – Todo Homem (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Edit)

Expectations create shame

We feel shame when we fail to meet expectations. It’s a protection mechanism that ensures, that we behave in a way that is accepted by society. Because we live in a competitive society, we feel the pressure to deliver great performance at any aspect of our lives and be perfect humans. Authenticity is less accepted than a fake flawless image. We pay the price by being in conflict with our soul.

Humans are foolish by nature

But considering the complexity of life on earth, even adults are nothing else than aged children that continue to make stupid mistakes and behave foolishly. The expectations we have on us don’t match our human nature. We have to hide vulnerability and foolishness.

Expressive dancing doesn’t allow faking

In a competitive environment, faking can be a stepstone to success. But if the reason why we dance is the expression, then faking is logically the opposite of what we are looking for. Expressive dancing is about authenticity. Progression comes by unlearning the idea that we have to dance well and eliminate the of feeling shame if we fail, make mistakes and look stupid.

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