Why should you practise alone?

Music Credit: Montoya – Iwa

Practice alone and see what your dance would be like if you were absolutely alone in this world. If there wasn’t anyone or nothing to compare yourself to, how would you really move? What does great dancing mean to you when there is no external appreciation or criticism?

Solitude indicates a fresh, innocent mind.

Practicing in solitude helps the mind to see itself clearly as a mirror and to free itself from the futile pursuit of ambition, with all its complexities, fears, and frustrations. Only then one can discover one’s own unique, authentic way of moving.

One relies on authority because one is afraid to stand alone.

Style is something that cannot be given to one. One has to find it out for oneself. And to find it out, one must be a law and the measure to oneself. And therefore no teacher or role model —which means having no fear to stand completely alone.

If someone enjoys being alone, he is free.

The ecstasy of dancing in solitude comes when one is no more frightened to be alone. It comes silently and opens up the path of total artistic freedom.

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