The last thirty percent

When you practice flow movement, you frequently, out of nowhere, receive ideas or feelings for the moves you would like to do. Afterwards you may realize that your execution matches only 70% of the original idea. This is odd, especially if the movement would not have been physically or coordinatively challenging for you. For some reason, you avoided giving the expression its appropriate time and space. The expansion of your freedom to move into these excluded spaces will be the journey of your life.

The structure of the forbidden room

The room that you avoid entering has a structure that is determined by your beliefs. For instance, in western society, the pelvis is considered a sinful place. There is shame and fear associated with it. In the german language, the sex is called „Geschlecht“, which derivative of „bad“ and the whole area is named the „Schambereich“ which means the „area of shame“. Women are allowed to dance with pelvic movement to some extent, but for men, it’s in general a forbidden place. For most western men, the pelvis is a part of the body that is totally out of awareness. It’s a muted, almost not existing region. So if a movement runs through a man’s body and would enter the pelvic region, the male dancer would do something to bypass the pelvis or break the movement completely.

A life long journey

Because the inhibition of pelvic movement is strongly connected with the western imagery of what a man should be, regaining the pelvic freedom of movement would take the destruction and recreation of a man’s entire world perspective.

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