When does magic happen?

Magic lives in all intermediate worlds

Where opposites meet. Where stillness meets movement, slow meets fast, top meets bottom, past meets future, these are magical spaces. This is the intermediate world in which nothing has yet been decided and everything is open, in which neither-nor and both-and-apply.

The exciting moment of a New Year’s Eve fire cracker

A New Year’s Eve fire cracker is ignited on the fuse. The fuse sparks and burns in the direction of the paper roll. Then the sparks disappear in the roll of paper and for a brief moment there is silence and nothing can be seen. The brief moment of silence between the disappearance of the fuse and the bang, that is the magical moment. All attention is focused on that little moment.

Magic in dancing

As in archery, the string must be tensioned before the arrow can be fired. Before it rains, the sun has to lift the water into the clouds. The strongest magical moment is where tension turns into relaxation. The art is to hold this moment as long as possible and give it full attention. This requires the highest concentration, because when the attention wanders, the flow disappears, the whole movement “breaks” apart and loses its magic.

Mushrooms are interworld beings. In the forest, the mushrooms combine the largest living things (trees) with the smallest things (molecules). They feed the trees by the roots. When trees die, the fungi break them down into molecules again.

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